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All Things Hair Refillery Station

All Things Hair Refillery station is the sustainable plastic upcycling initiative of Unilever that lets you refill your old shampoo and conditioner bottles with your favorite hair care brands.


We partnered with Unilever and its Dove Hair, Creamsilk, Sunsilk and Tresemme brands with a mission not only to raise awareness but to educate consumers and attempt to instill a change in their buying habits when it comes to their hair care products.

Inspired by the printer ink industry, we launched a business-model based on a simple product refilling station that allowed customers to get their favorite Unilever Hair Care products at a good discount in exchange for used shampoo bottles and tubes which can be recycled for future use.
The campaign was an astounding success with a total of 1,469 used plastic bottles and tubes being exchanged. This resulted in P432,771.82 in sales while at the same time raising awareness about waste reduction and influencing buying habits among hair care customers.

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