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Anteparty: The Antepara PR Launch

As the summer heat rises, the need to up your style goes up with it. The season’s hottest sunglasses are finally here with Antepara Eyewear. Inspired by the world’s hip cities and hotspots, these sunglasses are the new must-have shades for those Filipinos who desire a cutting-edge style that’s accessible.


To kick-off the brand’s launch, Antepara collaborated with Acitvations Advertising to throw a massive surprise summer pool party in the middle of the city for call center agents who can’t make it to summer’s go-to beach parties.
AAI joined forces with VXI leaders and planned the perfect covert execution for this big reveal. We brought in one of the country’s hottest DJs, Sam YG along with style celebs, Phil Younghusband and Verniece Enciso to headline the party. As we staged the surprise attack, these agents fresh from their shifts were unexpectedly greeted by Sam YG. As he lured these agents to the party grounds, they were welcomed with a full-scale summer-themed party, complete with food booths and cocktail corners- even adding the sickest beats of DJ Earl Austin to set that party vibe going.
In keeping the hype of the show, we added interactive games where participants can get a chance to win freebies and prizes from Antepara Eyewear. Showcasing several of their shades line, AAI fashioned a chic backdrop where guests can pose up with their groupfies and selfies.
With their slogan, “Fun Follows Everywhere”, AAI transformed this idea and ended the launch with DJ Nina pumping the party up, highlighting a spontaneous dance-off from the guests. So even though summer is at its peak, AAI made sure to bring the summer party straight to these agent’s zone.

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