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Benby Sales Conference: Call of Champions

To enable & empower the team to have leadership
and a growth mindset, having the right push is sometimes necessary to be able to move forward. Through positive reinforcement, progress is attainable as ever. This is the mindset that encapsulated Benby’s 2020 Sales Conference.


Dubbed as “Call of Champions”, this 2-day event jump started Benby’s year where 300 of Benby’s sales team were challenged to be the ultimate champions - hurdling a series of team building activities, cheer parades, awards and many more.

The event concluded with an inspiring pledge-taking ceremony that lets Benby employees write down their own promises as they face the year ahead, Benby As One.

Call of Champions: Benby Sales Conference 2020: Concept & Program, Designs & Execution, Setup Production, Video Production, Manpower and Implementation by Activations Advertising.

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