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Cream Silk Hair Dare

As the country’s leading conditioner brand, Cream Silk’s mission is to help Filipino women of all ages go beyond beautiful with their hair.


To help fulfill this mission, we made it a goal to educate high school students year after year about the benefits of hair care and the use of Cream Silk everyday.

As the main agency in the campaign, our task was to develop a flexible school activation plan that will be effective in all kinds of different schools all over the country. From massive school events in the big campuses of Metro Manila to simple mini-salons that gave young girls from rural areas their first conditioner experience, Cream Silk Hair Dare became a yearly highlight of Cream Silk’s advertising effort.

For 10 long years, Creamsilk Hair Dare events continued on until the end, from less than 50 schools across the Philippines in 2008 to an astounding 500+ schools the decade after, Creamsilk Hair Dare resulted in becoming one of the most successful market development campaigns in the Philippines, reaching more than 10 million consumers from all over the country.

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