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Lady’s Choice House to House Sampling

Lady’s Choice House-to-house Activation is a sampling project where Activations deployed recorida vans and a pool of samplers all around different barangays, giving out sandwiches made with Lady’s Choice Roast Beef and Chicken Barbecue Meaty Spread.


Dubbed as the “Meaty Sandwich Food Truck”, this recorida deployment implemented a pitstop program with a Roving Mode and Deploy Mode, maximizing the target sampling hits.

In Deploy Mode, the food truck is parked in a high-foot traffic area and launches a festive program consisting of dance production numbers, game shows and raffle prizes. Simultaneous to this are the deployment of samplers where they hand out sandwiches and invite bystanders to participate, increasing brand presence in the area.

Lady’s Choice House-to-house activation: Flow & Execution, Merch Designs, Production, Manpower and Implementation by Activations Advertising.

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