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Pond’s 1Million Sampling

When Pond's launched its second Faces TVC in 2016 featuring their most beautiful endorsers, Unilever notices how the penetration of the brand was not improving. The brand then called on its Ponds agencies and gave the challenge to the teams on how to create buzz and penetration for the brand.


Activations came up with the ides of a Tulip Day signifying Ponds, which evolved into the Pond's #MostBeautiful Day that took place on April 29, 2016 with the bigidea: Being part of the Philippines' most beautiful faces desserves a tulip. If you know someone who you think is the #MostBeautiful, give her one too.

Throughout the payday/Labor Day weekend (April 29 - May 1), we gave out 500,000 tulip leaflets with two samples inside in key areas frequented by the Pond's White Beauty target market, namely Offices, LRT stations, and Malls.

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