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Power of Samsung

As one of the biggest names in technology, Samsung showed why it's a leader in innovating every aspect of human life with the Power of Samsung showcase. One of the biggest tech conventions ever done in the Philippines, the Power of Samsung Showcase featured the best products and innovations Samsung has to offer in the realm of Mobile, Consumer Electtronics, Audio & Video, Healthcare, Home Technology, and Air Conditioning.


As the implementing agenct, we had the big task to create ways wherein Samsung's different divisions can share their message and showcase their best products. Inspired by the honeycomb structure, we divided the venue into different zones where each unit was featured. Each individual zone told the story behind the products and innovations being showcased while allowing visitors to experience the products themselves thru experimental booth.

To keep track of the invited VIPs an dignitaries entering the event, we developed a digital RFID pin that contained the guest's information and their itinerary for the event. RFID stations located throughout the venue detected pins and showed relevant information to the guests.

The Power of Samsung showcase was the one day when the might of Samsung was apparent for everyone to see and a big reminder of how technology has changed human lives forever.

Client: Samsung Philippines

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